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tv   Headline News  RT  May 18, 2013 10:00pm-10:02pm EDT

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video for your media project. a devastating explosion rips through damascus while across the border in turkey protests break out over the country's support for the rebels fighting in syria's civil war. deep in iraq with killings and kidnappings rounding off the country's bloodiest week in eight months and raising fears of all out civil war. and the u.s. immigration system faces tough questions after it emerges that veteran who's backed national arrested on terrorism charges brought into the country illegally three years ago. up next max and stacey explain how cruel or peroration ins are duping an unsuspecting public that's coming up in keyser report next i want to.
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welcome to the kaiser report i-max kaiser you live in the real world the one with the inflation declining wages rising unemployment then you're probably the sucker out the girl i can see no poker table because unless you're living in the high frequency trading dark market welling fictitious capital willed in financial eyes the world you're never going to be able to afford the real world unless you can think like fictional worlds where there is no gravity where up is good and good is down you'll never be able to compete with those who would steal your real wealth using spoof trades bogus securities and fictitious capital. max in the real world no price matters more to the real person than the price of oil of course they care a lot about how much they're paying to fill up their fuel tank well it's set in the .